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December 2018 Archives

Car accidents ruin holidays for drivers

Though most parts of Texas rarely see the ice and snow that cripple traffic in other areas of the country, the Lone Star State is not immune to winter weather. Freezing rain and fog can create hazardous conditions. If drivers are not careful, the risk of car accidents dramatically increases. 

Avoid common mistakes in the wake of an Uber/Lyft accident

What’s so great about app-based private driving services like Uber and Lyft? Why are they better than a traditional taxi cab? For starters, many people associate these services with a safer ride. Using the app, a user can flip through drivers until they find one with a rating indicative of high safety standards. But what happens if the passenger is injured during the ride?

Pedestrian accidents often caused by driver error

The holiday season has arrived, and Texas drivers may have noticed the increased amount of traffic that usually accompanies it. People are out and about shopping, visiting friends and family, or making their way to a vacation destination. Extra cars on the road naturally increases the risk of a crash, but drivers also need to be aware of people on foot because pedestrian accidents are often deadly.

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