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Construction Adds to Danger Caused by Truck Accidents

Texas is one of the most populous states in the nation, so drivers in the state are likely no strangers to heavy traffic conditions as they make their way to their destinations. Even when drivers do their best to be considerate of those around them and are attentive to traffic laws, crashes still occur. One scenario that seems to increase the risk of fatal truck accidents is when there is heavy traffic in a construction zone. 

Construction on the highway is a necessary part of a plan by the state to maintain and improve the infrastructure. Roads, bridges, tunnels, and railroad crossings are in almost constant need of repair or upkeep. Sometimes, traffic patterns need to be changed temporarily to complete one of these tasks, and when this happens, there is an increased risk of serious crashes, especially truck accidents. 

Large tractor-trailer trucks may have a difficult time maneuvering when lanes are shifted and narrowed for construction. Recently, one of these massive vehicles was attempting to merge into a temporary lane funneling daily traffic through a construction zone. An elderly woman who was also passing through lost her life when the truck struck another vehicle and caused a chain reaction crash. Police say the woman's vehicle was the first to be struck. 

When people suffer serious injury or death in truck accidents in Texas or elsewhere, victims and their families may not know how to proceed in the aftermath. Medical bills, funeral expenses, and possible legal action are all possible situations that will have to be dealt with in the weeks that follow. Sometimes, it can be helpful for people in these situations to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney can help file the necessary paperwork and represent clients throughout all ensuing legal proceedings while victims and their families take time to heal or grieve.