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New Technology Could Help Enforce Bicycle Laws

Austin, Texas cyclist accidents have steadily decreased thanks to the addition of new bike infrastructure. As the city continues to make way for bicyclists, there is hope for a new technology being used in Houston may catch on in Austin to make cyclists even safer.

Houston police are beginning to use a gadget that helps hold drivers accountable for passing cyclists too closely. Read on to learn more.

Measuring passing distance

The C3FT unit, a small device that is mounted on a police bike's handlebars, can record the distance that drivers are from bicycles while passing. According to both Houston and Austin's city laws, motorists must travel at least three feet away from bicyclists while passing.

The gadget is also equipped with a camera to photograph the passing vehicle. This provides numerous types of evidence of these incidents so that drivers are held responsible for violating city ordinances.

Austin bicycle rights

Many motorists aren't always aware of city ordinances that are meant to enforce certain bicycle safety laws. In Austin, Texas the following are a few of the city ordinances for bicycles are enforceable by law:

  • Cyclists must obey the same traffic laws as motorists unless otherwise advised by an officer or traffic signals
  • Bicycles must be equipped with a front white light visible from 500 feet away
  • Bicycles must be equipped with a red reflector or red light in the rear
  • Minors are required to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle
  • Cyclists may not use a cellphone or any other portable electronic device while riding
  • Riding a bicycle on a sidewalk is allowed, except in certain restricted areas

If you have been involved in a biking accident, seek medical attention immediately. Then, talk to a personal injury attorney to discuss seeking compensation for injuries you received or damage to your property that resulted from the accident.