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Police Say Pedestrian Accident Caused by Intoxicated Woman

Drivers must keep an eye out for people on foot as they make their way along the road. Children playing, people walking or perhaps a person waiting by a disabled vehicle can often be close to passing traffic. Recently, a Texas woman, who was apparently intoxicated at the time, caused a pedestrian accident that killed one and injured another.

Reports state that the woman was driving along Texas 105 when she hit pedestrians that were walking alongside their bikes. It is unclear if the driver did not see the people on foot, or if she lost control of the vehicle for other reasons. One victim, a man, was killed. Another female victim suffered serious injuries. Upon initial investigation, it was determined that the driver responsible was intoxicated.

Witnesses told police that shortly after the accident, they saw the woman throw a bottle of pills from her vehicle. She was charged with tampering with evidence for trying to hide the drugs. She was further charged with intoxication manslaughter. The driver was taken to jail and is being held on bond as the investigation into the accident continues.

When a pedestrian accident causes injury or death to victims or their loved ones, the days and weeks that follow may be overwhelming. Medical bills, funeral expenses, and legal cases will need to be dealt with at the same time families are attempting to grieve and/or recover physically and emotionally. Often, it can be helpful to partner with an experienced attorney. An attorney can help victims as they attempt to seek justice and possible compensation for their loss or injury.