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Avoid Common Mistakes in the Wake of an Uber/Lyft Accident

What’s so great about app-based private driving services like Uber and Lyft? Why are they better than a traditional taxi cab? For starters, many people associate these services with a safer ride. Using the app, a user can flip through drivers until they find one with a rating indicative of high safety standards. But what happens if the passenger is injured during the ride?

In the Event of an Accident

The severity of the accident will determine your ability to respond. Assuming you are safely able to move, it is advisable that you exit the vehicle and get to a safe place to call 911. Regardless of anything else, it is critically important that those involved in the accident receive a thorough medical examination to identify any internal injuries that may otherwise go unnoticed. It is advisable to call 911 and request both medical and law enforcement support.

Again, assuming you can move around safely, documenting an app-based accident is like documenting any other car accident:

  • Be mindful of any statements you make. Now is not the time to make assessments about who is at fault.
  • Gather the insurance information of all drivers.
  • If any witnesses are present, ask them to kindly stay and provide their accounting to law enforcement.
  • Photograph license plates and damage
  • Photograph and evidence of distracted driving

Depending on the circumstances, you may have several legal options to consider.

Are Uber or Lyft drivers liable?

If a driver is on the clock, logged into the app and accepting business, they likely have coverage under their employer. If they were working off the clock, or forget to turn on their app, they do not qualify for employer-sponsored auto-insurance.