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Pedestrian Accidents Often Caused by Driver Error

The holiday season has arrived, and Texas drivers may have noticed the increased amount of traffic that usually accompanies it. People are out and about shopping, visiting friends and family, or making their way to a vacation destination. Extra cars on the road naturally increase the risk of a crash, but drivers also need to be aware of people on foot because pedestrian accidents are often deadly.

Recently, a driver's vehicle became disabled. The man had been driving on a busy highway. If a driver sees a car broken down, the proper thing to do is maneuver into the next lane in case the driver of the disabled vehicle has exited the vehicle to inspect the malfunction. 

Two tractor-trailer truck drivers failed to move over to the next lane. The driver of the disabled vehicle was struck and killed. Police identified the Texas man the next morning. 

When pedestrian accidents claim lives, the family of a victim may feel helpless. The driver in question will never be able to see his family again, and their holidays are likely ruined by the dark shadow cast by the man's unnecessary death. An experienced attorney can be of assistance in a time of loss and grief and may be able to assist a family as they attempt to hold a careless driver legally responsible for their suffering and loss. In this case, the man would have still been alive if the truck drivers had been mindful of the laws and paid attention to their surroundings.