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New Auto Technology and Pedestrian Safety

Auto technology is currently in a state of rapid change. Recent years have seen many new vehicle safety systems enter the market. And it appears that many additional technologies are on the horizon.

One big traffic safety issue in the U.S. these days is pedestrian safety. Far too many people are hurt or killed when out walking. Might emerging auto technologies help make the nation’s roads a much safer place for pedestrians in the future?

One thing that can lead to pedestrian accidents is drivers not spotting pedestrians, due to either distraction or an inability to see them.

Some auto technologies that are on the horizon could help with making drivers more likely to spot pedestrians. For example, improved headlight systems could make pedestrians more visible to drivers at night. Meanwhile, advances in infotainment systems, such as the ability to project information up onto the windshield, could help drivers keep their eyes pointed towards the road (where they can see pedestrians) when they are using such systems.

Other emerging technologies could help reduce the chances of pedestrians getting hit when drivers don’t see them. This includes things like advanced automatic braking systems with pedestrian detection and systems where cars could communicate with infrastructure at intersections to help see where pedestrians are.

And then there is the possibility of human drivers being taken out of the equation altogether. This could someday be a reality through self-driving cars. One major cause of pedestrian accidents today is driver error. Self-driving cars could have the potential to eliminate this threat to the safety of pedestrians.

What do you think the future will hold for auto technology and pedestrian safety?

Perhaps someday, technology will help largely remove threats to pedestrian safety. But, for the time being, pedestrians continue to face significant dangers here in Texas and throughout the United States. Personal injury attorneys can assist pedestrians harmed out on the roads with pursuing monetary relief.