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Fatal Car Accidents May Increase During Holidays

Texas residents are gearing up for the holiday season, and one thing drivers should expect is heavier traffic. This time of year, many people travel to visit friends or family or make a last minute dash to the store to pick up a forgotten item. Retail stores are busier than ever and combined with regular local traffic, there may be an increased risk of serious car accidents

Recently, heavy traffic combined with a driver error caused a fatal accident. A Texas driver rear-ended a car. The collision caused the first vehicle to careen into the next lane over, where it was then struck by a big truck. Though a total of three vehicles were involved, the smaller passenger car, carrying two people, seems to have sustained the most damage. 

Two people from the first car were taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries. Sadly, a 44-year-old woman, a passenger, did not survive her injuries. The accident remains under investigation. The victim has since been identified, and her family now faces a tragic loss. 

Fatal car accidents are understandably devastating, and the victim's surviving family is often overwhelmed emotionally and financially. Medical bills, funeral expenses, insurance matters and other things may stack up quickly. These things are usually difficult to deal with in a time of grief and loss. An experienced attorney can be of assistance as victims attempt to hold a negligent driver responsible in a court of law. An attorney can walk clients through the legal process step by step, including negotiations with insurance companies and litigation in a Texas civil court, when necessary.