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Increase in Car Accidents Prompts State to Review Speed Limits

Obeying the speed limit is usually a good way to stay safe while on the road. Unfortunately, the number of fatal accidents in Texas continues to grow at an alarming rate. Investigations into many of these car accidents have officials wondering if the posted speeds may be too fast for conditions. 

Texas authorities are now planning to have the posted speed limits on some roads reassessed. Experts state that when the roads were built and the speed limits were established, there was not as much traffic as there is today. Small details like a rainstorm causing the road to become wet, or everyday traffic congestion seem to be leading to a large number of fatal accidents. 

After an initial investigation into the matter, authorities have admitted that perhaps some of the tragic crashes could have been avoided if the posted speed limit was lower on certain stretches of roadway across Texas. Statistics show that one particular stretch of highway was the scene of 23 deaths in five years. Families of victims are calling for action to be taken. 

Car accidents can cause death or permanent injuries. An injured driver may feel entitled to fair compensation for any suffering and monetary loss. An experienced attorney may be an asset when a victim, including the surviving family of a deceased victim, attempts to hold a party believed responsible fully accountable in civil court. When innocent people suffer, they have a right to seek justice, and an attorney can help. The lawyer can identify all parties who may bear financial culpability, work to document negligence and itemize monetary damages.