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Truck Accidents Prone to High Casualty Rates

Texas drivers may have experienced a scare, or worse, a crash when driving in close proximity to a much larger vehicle like a semitrailer. The larger the vehicle, the higher the risk of serious injury or death. Truck accidents often cause more damage than crashes involving smaller vehicles. 

Recently, serious damage and injuries occurred when a train hit a semitrailer. The crash occurred close to Arlington, and local Texas police responded to the scene. A social media post by the police indicated that the truck exploded on impact, and two people inside the cab were killed. Details are not yet known regarding why the truck was so close to the train. 

The train was carrying passengers, and as many as 40 people were injured as a result. Many of the passengers suffered serious injuries; several were listed in critical condition. Though only two vehicles were involved, many lives were affected forever, and at least two lives were lost. 

When victims of truck accidents, including the surviving families of deceased victims, find themselves facing medical bills, funeral expenses and/or lost wages, the feelings experienced can be overwhelming. Injured victims may have grounds to pursue personal injury claims, while the families of those who died may have the right to commence wrongful death claims. In situations like these, an experienced attorney may be able to help. A personal injury attorney is familiar with the legal process and local civil court procedures and is often a valuable resource for those seeking to hold responsible parties financially accountable for documented negligence.