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Distracted Driving Contributes to Texas Car Accidents

In Texas and across the country, distracted driving is dangerous. Tasks that may seem easy to do while driving, like checking a text message or checking the weather on the radio, can actually contribute to serious car accidents. An accident currently under investigation serves as a warning to all about the dangers of distracted driving. 

The ordeal began when three young sisters, ranging from sixth grade to a junior in high school, were making their way to a drill team competition. Another child unrelated to the siblings was also in the vehicle. Texas police say the girls' vehicle came to a stop to wait for a break in traffic to make a turn. 

A pickup truck behind the girls, according to witnesses and surveillance video, failed to stop in time and slammed into the car occupied by the girls. It is suspected that the driver was using his phone at the time. Tragically, all four girls were killed. 

In this case, one family lost three of their precious children, and another family lost a daughter, all because one driver chose to be careless and drive while distracted. Surely, car accidents of this magnitude can be overwhelming for families. Medical bills, funeral expenses, and other costs can be difficult to manage during a time of grief. Often, it can be helpful to consult an experienced attorney. An attorney can help clients to pursue full financial accountability from the driver believed responsible for causing the deaths, and collect any monetary damages to which the estate of the deceased may be entitled.