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Texas Twin Brother Both Involved in DWI Crash

One drunk driver on the road is dangerous enough. Now imagine two at the same time. And what if they are twin brothers?

Two Texas men were arrested recently after crashing into a police vehicle at the scene of a separate accident. Officers say the drivers, who are twins aged 37, failed to react in time at the scene due to being over the legal limit for alcohol.

Two deputies sustained minor injuries. It is fortunate that nobody was seriously hurt, given that the crash took place on a busy street and there were several sheriff’s deputies there investigating the prior crash.

Drinking and Driving Is Always the Wrong Decision

While it is not mentioned in a news story about this DWI wreck, it is safe to assume the brothers were drinking together beforehand. The fact that they each decided to drink to excess, then get into their vehicles and drive, indicates they did not consider the public’s safety at any point.

People have options to avoid drinking and driving. They can choose a designated driver, take public transportation or a taxi, or use a ridesharing service like Lyft or Uber. Choosing to drive drunk despite these alternatives is nearly always legal negligence. Anybody who gets hurt because of a drunk driver may be entitled to full compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering and any other damages they have suffered.

DWI Victims Deserve to Be Heard

Insurance companies have lawyers on their side to avoid paying settlements to auto accident victims. But an experienced Texas personal injury attorney knows how insurers operate as well as how the law gives plaintiffs a fair chance at a fair recovery.