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Texas Car Accidents: Investigations May Extend Beyond the Scene

Texas highways can be dangerous, especially when intoxicated drivers are traveling near other motorists. Car accidents related to alcohol consumption often result in life-threatening injuries. Sadly, a recent incident that sent two people, one of whom was a 5-year-old child, to the hospital has been updated in the news, and the news is not good.

The child was a passenger in a vehicle with her aunt and several other people. A witness to the tragic collision later said he saw a man in a red pickup truck driving erratically, moments before the crash occurred. The man allegedly tried to run a red light and crashed into the car carrying the woman, her niece and others.

Sadly, a news update was issued stating that the little girl had lost her battle for life. She succumbed to the injuries she had suffered upon impact in the collision. Investigators say they believe the man driving the red truck was highly intoxicated at the time of the crash. They also believe that a local bar service might have offered the man more alcohol than it should have, an issue they plan to address as soon as they determine which local establishment the man had patronized before getting behind the wheel.

Car accidents involving children are especially tragic. When a Texas accident results in a fatality to a child, his or her parent or legal guardian may file a wrongful death claim in court to seek justice against a drunk driver. There is no replacement for the loss of human life; however, grieving families often can at least obtain financial relief in successfully litigated cases, which can help cover funeral expenses and other costs associated with a loved one's death.