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Pedestrian accidents: Drinking and driving to injured on foot

Texas drivers know that drinking and driving is dangerous, because drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol has serious potential to cause harm to themselves and/or others. When a driver repeatedly shirks the rules, even ignoring court-ordered punishments, lives are at risk, and there is an increased risk of car or pedestrian accidents. While some offenders learn a valuable lesson, it seems others do not. 

Pedestrian accidents may warrant civil cases

Texas residents may assume that, if a car strikes a person on foot, the law will protect the victim and ensure that the driver at fault faces consequences for his or her actions. While this is not an unreasonable assumption, it is not always the case. When it comes to pedestrian accidents, criminal courts may not be able to help a victim and his or her family in the quest for justice. 

Pedestrian accidents often caused by driver error

The holiday season has arrived, and Texas drivers may have noticed the increased amount of traffic that usually accompanies it. People are out and about shopping, visiting friends and family, or making their way to a vacation destination. Extra cars on the road naturally increases the risk of a crash, but drivers also need to be aware of people on foot because pedestrian accidents are often deadly.

What happens after you're hit by a car in Texas?

You are putting yourself at some level of risk each time you leave your home as a pedestrian. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2016 alone nearly 700 pedestrians died as a result of being hit by cars. That's a more than a 20 percent spike from the previous year.

Police say pedestrian accident caused by intoxicated woman

Drivers must keep an eye out for people on foot as they make their way along the road. Children playing, people walking or perhaps a person waiting by a disabled vehicle can often be close to passing traffic. Recently, a Texas woman, who was apparently intoxicated at the time, caused a pedestrian accident that killed one and injured another. 

Pedestrian accidents rising at an alarming rate

Texas drivers would likely say that they do their best to watch out for people on foot as they drive. Many roads have frequent foot travel in close proximity to the roadway. Crossings and places with no sidewalk can be especially dangerous, and extra caution must be used. This summer, pedestrian accidents in Texas have occurred within days of each other, leaving scenes of death and serious injury in their wake. 

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