Who Is Responsible For Your Slip-And-Fall Injuries?

Everyone feels clumsy sometimes. You may stumble walking into a room or trip over your own two feet. It may be good for a laugh as long as no one gets hurt. However, slip-and-fall accidents sometimes lead to serious injuries. If you were hurt due to an unsafe condition on someone else's property, the property owner's insurance company may be liable for your injuries.

At The Law Offices of Jay Doyle, P.C., in Austin, we are zealous about holding negligent property owners responsible for dangerous conditions that result in injury to those who visit their property. This includes owners of private residences, retail stores, restaurants, office buildings and any other place where you may be welcome or invited.

Slipping Or Tripping Can Lead To Serious Injuries

If your trip, you are likely to fall forward. Slipping typically carries your momentum backward. Your body may twist in an unnatural way as your natural reflexes try to stop the fall. You may land hard on the ground or strike parts of your body on objects as you fall. Some of the injuries associated with slipping, tripping and falling include these and many others:

  • Broken bones
  • Neck injuries
  • Broken hips
  • Knee injuries
  • Spinal damage
  • Traumatic brain injuries

For nearly 40 years, Jay Doyle has been the attorney people in Austin turn to for aggressive representation for slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall injuries. Proving negligence is complicated, and evidence may disappear quickly. Therefore, you will benefit from taking immediate action and calling our Texas law firm to begin building your case.

What To Do After A Slip-And-Fall Injury

Your well-being is of primary concern, so the most important step to take is to seek medical attention. Not only will this allow you to begin the treatment to help you heal, but you will have official documentation of your injuries, which will prove valuable in pursuing damages from a negligent property owner. If you are able, you can help your case by doing any of the following:

  • Reporting your fall to the owner of the property or the property manager
  • Taking pictures of the hazard and the area around where you fell
  • Obtaining names and contact information from witnesses
  • Keeping a file of any documentation, bills, medical reports and lost hours at work
  • Preserving the clothes and shoes you wore that day
  • Obtaining the services of a Texas lawyer

Contact An Experienced Attorney

After you call us at 512-710-3761 or connect with us through our online form, Jay Doyle will evaluate your case and advise you on the best plan for moving forward. His commitment to you is passionate and personalized dedication to your needs.