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How PIP Works

Personal Injury Protection Claims in Austin

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While you recover from your car accident and wait for the other driver's insurance to pay your claim, you are undoubtedly concerned about the things you can no longer do. You cannot mow your grass. You cannot do your own laundry. You may not even be able to take your dog for a walk. Most urgently, you cannot pay all those medical bills from your accident injuries.

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This is where your insurance policy's personal injury protection kicks in. At the Law Offices of Jay Doyle, P.C., we want you to understand how your PIP coverage works and how we can help you obtain it. If we are handling your personal injury case against the other driver, we will advise you concerning your PIP claim at no charge.

What Is PIP & What Does It Cover?

PIP stands for “personal injury protection” and is a type of mandatory insurance coverage in Texas. PIP insurance covered the expenses incurred following an accident. The idea of PIP is that regardless of who is at fault for an accident your expenses will be covered. Unless you signed a paper opting out of PIP coverage when you purchased your auto insurance, you probably have at least $2,500 worth of coverage—hopefully more. PIP is a valuable part of your insurance because payment of benefits is not based on fault, so you do not have to wait for investigations, police reports, or court decisions to request your benefits.

Unlike health insurance which only covers medical bills, PIP insurance can make up for costs such as:

  • Lost wages
  • Rehabilitation
  • Household services
  • Child care
  • Funeral expenses

How much of these expenses PIP covers depends on how much you carry. When paying for medical care, your PIP may not go very far, so it is important to explore every avenue for obtaining compensation. Our law firm can do this for you.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer If I Have Pip?

PIP does not cover all of your losses from an accident. For example, PIP pays nothing for pain and suffering. If you have suffered a serious injury, your PIP benefits alone will not go far in paying for your damages. Since 1979, attorney Jay Doyle has helped Austin accident victims recover the full damages they are due from the insurance company of the at-fault driver.

As your advocate, Jay Doyle will fully investigate your accident, negotiate for a fair settlement, and take your case to court if necessary.

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What Our Clients Have to Say
  • Jay Doyle is what every lawyer should be — a hero!

    “Words cannot express my gratitude for your kindness and skill in representing me.”

    - V. H.
  • You represent the kind of person that I am pleased to know.

    “I was moved that you gave up a portion of the insurance money to help me with the bill. Thank you for your generosity toward me.”

    - M.M.
  • Yo creo que tienen un excelente servicio para la comunidad

    “Muchas gracias por su ayuda!”

    - L.M.
  • The Law Offices of Jay Doyle were more than helpful and I feel very confident in recommending your firm.

    “I appreciate all your efforts in my case.”

    - D.C.
  • Thank you for all your help concerning the damages to my car.

    “I really appreciate all you did.”

    - S.C.

Millions of Dollars Recovered

  • $3.8 Million Defective Product

    Client Net Recovery: $2,251,819.21

  • $2.5 Million Wrongful Death

    Client Net Recovery: $1,514,082.20

  • $1.3 Million Wrongful Death

    Client Net Recovery: $737,737.01

  • $1.3 Million Wrongful Death

    Client Net Recovery: $833,250

  • $1.3 Million Death in Company Vehicle

    Client Net Recovery: $833,250

  • $1 Million Drunk Driving Victim

    Client Net Recovery: $707,650

  • $771 Thousand On the Job Injury

    Client Net Recovery: $328,500

  • $603 Thousand Bicycling Death

    Client Net Recovery: $402,008.30

  • $312.5 Thousand Construction Lift Collapse

    Client Net Recovery: $240,000

  • $303 Thousand Insurance Benefits Denied

    Client Net Recovery: $190,693.98


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