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No one ever expects to be seriously injured. The sudden changes can be stressful, inconvenient, and costly, making it important to hire an aggressive Austin personal injury lawyer who can help you obtain the compensation you need. At the Law Offices of Jay Doyle, P.C., our team has brings lawsuits against some of the nation’s largest insurers, and we have a track record of successful results. Let us help you obtain the full and fair compensation you need to recover quickly and move on from this difficult time.

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Fighting for compensation means taking on insurance companies, and they have a reputation for reducing your settlement by any means necessary. Texas’ contributory negligence laws mean that if they can prove you were at fault for your injuries, they can pay you less in compensation. It is important that you have an attorney on your side who understands how to prove the other party’s fault.

This requires proving that:

  • The other party should have acted more safely
  • They failed to exercise reasonable caution or care
  • Their lack of care caused your injuries
  • It was obvious that they should not have acted with that lack of care
  • You are truly injured

You have a limited time in which to file a claim for your injuries. The sooner you contact our firm, the faster we can begin to gather evidence and prepare your case. Time is of the essence. Proving negligence on the part of a property owner is often challenging and requires intense investigation.

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We will meet you wherever you need to be, even if that means us taking a trip to the hospital to discuss your case. Attorney Jay Doyle understands the statutes peculiar to Texas and has the determination and drive to do what it takes to help you meet your goals. Let us do everything we can to help you restore what was lost.

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