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Your role in reducing the rate of motorcycle-involved collisions

Motorcycle accidents result in some of the most catastrophic and life-altering injuries on the roads today. While these smaller, more exposed vehicles do come with their own increased level of danger, the reality is that it is often the failures of other drivers that result in motorcycle collisions in Texas.

As you drive from point A to point B, consider the safety of your fellow travelers who are trying to do the same. No matter the vehicle you choose to drive or ride, consider some important safety tips to reduce the likelihood of disastrous motorcycle-involved accidents.

Fatal car accidents can result in criminal charges

Texas drivers may agree that one of their worst fears is being involved in a crash. While many car accidents are unfortunate, there are only minor damages and injuries. Sadly, some car accidents result in serious injury or fatality, and sometimes, a driver involved is found to be at fault and may be charged with a crime. 

Recently, a Texas driver was charged with homicide after an investigation into an accident that occurred several months ago. The man was driving a large tractor trailer and rear-ended a small sedan. He claimed that the driver of the sedan had stopped abruptly and he could not avoid a collision, but authorities determined he had been following too closely. 

What happens after you're hit by a car in Texas?

You are putting yourself at some level of risk each time you leave your home as a pedestrian. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2016 alone nearly 700 pedestrians died as a result of being hit by cars. That's a more than a 20 percent spike from the previous year.

There is a reportable crash less than every minute in Texas, and while no one plans to be hit by a car, it's important to know what to expect when the unexpected occurs.

Truck accidents have potential for high casualty numbers

Texas drivers are likely no strangers to driving in close proximity to large trucks. One of the largest states in the nation, highways criss-cross the Lone Star State as part of a nationwide network of shipping routes. Though truck drivers are trained to do their best to avoid crashes, truck accidents often lead to a higher number of serious injury or death, due to the large size of the vehicles involved. 

Recently, a large truck became ensnared in an accident that included a total of eight vehicles. Though the initial cause of the pileup is still under investigation, but investigators expect a final report to take days to assemble. One of the small cars involved in the crash was carrying a Texas woman and her three young children. 

Truck accidents prone to high casualty rates

Texas drivers may have experienced a scare, or worse, a crash, when driving in close proximity to a much larger vehicle like a semitrailer. The larger the vehicle, the higher the risk of serious injury or death. Truck accidents often cause more damage than crashes involving smaller vehicles. 

Recently, serious damage and injuries occurred when a train hit a semitrailer. The crash occurred close to Arlington, and local Texas police responded to the scene. A social media post by the police indicated that the truck exploded on impact, and two people inside the cab were killed. Details are not yet known regarding why the truck was so close to the train. 

Police say pedestrian accident caused by intoxicated woman

Drivers must keep an eye out for people on foot as they make their way along the road. Children playing, people walking or perhaps a person waiting by a disabled vehicle can often be close to passing traffic. Recently, a Texas woman, who was apparently intoxicated at the time, caused a pedestrian accident that killed one and injured another. 

Reports state that the woman was driving along Texas 105 when she hit pedestrians that were walking alongside their bikes. It is unclear if the driver did not see the people on foot, or if she lost control of the vehicle for other reasons. One victim, a man, was killed. Another female victim suffered serious injuries. Upon initial investigation, it was determined that the driver responsible was intoxicated. 

New technology could help enforce bicycle laws

Austin, Texas cyclist accidents have steadily decreased thanks to the addition of new bike infrastructure. As the city continues to make way for bicyclists, there is hope for a new technology being used in Houston may catch on in Austin to make cyclists even safer.

Houston police are beginning to use a gadget that helps hold drivers accountable for passing cyclists too closely. Read on to learn more.

Construction adds to danger caused by truck accidents

Texas is one of the most populous states in the nation, so drivers in the state are likely no strangers to heavy traffic conditions as they make their way to their destinations. Even when drivers do their best to be considerate of those around them and are attentive to traffic laws, crashes still occur. One scenario that seems to increase the risk of fatal truck accidents is when there is heavy traffic in a construction zone. 

Construction on the highway is a necessary part of a plan by the state to maintain and improve the infrastructure. Roads, bridges, tunnels and railroad crossings are in almost constant need of repair or upkeep. Sometimes, traffic patterns need to be changed temporarily to complete one of these tasks, and when this happens, there is an increased risk of serious crashes, especially truck accidents. 

Pedestrian accidents rising at an alarming rate

Texas drivers would likely say that they do their best to watch out for people on foot as they drive. Many roads have frequent foot travel in close proximity to the roadway. Crossings and places with no sidewalk can be especially dangerous, and extra caution must be used. This summer, pedestrian accidents in Texas have occurred within days of each other, leaving scenes of death and serious injury in their wake. 

Most recently, a man was hit by a car and killed near Austin, Texas. This was the second fatal pedestrian accident in two days in Austin. Police had to re-route traffic away from the scene as they attempted to establish what caused the driver to strike the man. They have not yet released information as to whether or not the driver will face criminal charges. 

Car accidents rob community of benefactors

Sadly, negligent or reckless actions while driving can take the lives of people who are well-loved and contributing members of the community. Not only do fatal car accidents leave a void in the lives of family and friends of the victim, but they may rob citizens of someone who was influential in achieving good on a broader scale. One Texas city is mourning the loss of a public figure who died tragically on a recent Wednesday morning.

The former city councilman was the frontrunner for an elected position as a county court judge. The 67-year-old man was also an advocate for bicycle safety and was riding his bike around 8 a.m. when the accident occurred. Investigators believe the 37-year-old driver of a pickup truck drove up behind the councilman's bike and struck him. The victim was transported to a nearby hospital where he died from his injuries.

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