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Distracted driving caused 5,500 crashes in Travis County in 2017

Recent data released by the Texas Department of Transportation shows that there was a total of 5,555 crashes involving distracted driving in Travis County in 2017.

The data, collected from Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Reports, shows distracted driving in the county caused:

The correlation between distractions and car accidents

It is not surprising that when people get distracted, they can easily make mistakes. This applies to driving just as much as any other activity. Many of the car accidents that occur here in Texas and elsewhere happen due to a driver becoming distracted by something either inside or outside the vehicle.

You have probably heard or read information regarding the dangers of texting and driving. While this tends to be one of the most dangerous distractions while driving, it is far from being the only thing that can take your attention off the road. Other activities, sights and sounds create distractions as well, and they can have devastating consequences.

Texas car accidents: Investigations may extend beyond the scene

Texas highways can be dangerous, especially when intoxicated drivers are traveling near other motorists. Car accidents related to alcohol consumption often result in life-threatening injuries. Sadly, a recent incident that sent two people, one of whom was a 5-year-old child, to the hospital has been updated in the news, and the news is not good.

The child was a passenger in a vehicle with her aunt and several other people. A witness to the tragic collision later said he saw a man in a red pickup truck driving erratically, moments before the crash occurred. The man allegedly tried to run a red light and crashed into the car carrying the woman, her niece and others.

Pedestrian accidents may warrant civil cases

Texas residents may assume that, if a car strikes a person on foot, the law will protect the victim and ensure that the driver at fault faces consequences for his or her actions. While this is not an unreasonable assumption, it is not always the case. When it comes to pedestrian accidents, criminal courts may not be able to help a victim and his or her family in the quest for justice. 

Several months ago, a Texas mother and her two children were part of a crowd of pedestrians making their way toward the local elementary school. Suddenly, a male driver, whom police later described as "disoriented," hit the gas instead of the brake. He plowed into the mother and children. 

Teens and car accidents: from mischief to murder charges

Texas residents know that teenagers are prone to trouble. Many teens lack the judgement necessary to do adult things, like driving. This is a major reason why teens are not eligible to get a license until they are 16 years of age and have completed proper education courses. Unfortunately, some teens disregard the laws, and when this happens, they can be the cause of serious car accidents

Recently, a 14-year-old boy who had no business driving got behind the wheel of a large SUV. With several teenage friends in tow, the wayward youth decided to drive around town, throwing eggs at other vehicles. One victim became angry and began to follow the vehicle. 

Car accidents ruin holidays for drivers

Though most parts of Texas rarely see the ice and snow that cripple traffic in other areas of the country, the Lone Star State is not immune to winter weather. Freezing rain and fog can create hazardous conditions. If drivers are not careful, the risk of car accidents dramatically increases. 

Recently, a dense fog crept across a stretch of Texas highway. Some drivers may have been unaware of the danger they were in. In a giant mess that will likely take investigators weeks to sort, a string of car accidents brought the road to a standstill. 

Avoid common mistakes in the wake of an Uber/Lyft accident

What’s so great about app-based private driving services like Uber and Lyft? Why are they better than a traditional taxi cab? For starters, many people associate these services with a safer ride. Using the app, a user can flip through drivers until they find one with a rating indicative of high safety standards. But what happens if the passenger is injured during the ride?


Pedestrian accidents often caused by driver error

The holiday season has arrived, and Texas drivers may have noticed the increased amount of traffic that usually accompanies it. People are out and about shopping, visiting friends and family, or making their way to a vacation destination. Extra cars on the road naturally increases the risk of a crash, but drivers also need to be aware of people on foot because pedestrian accidents are often deadly.

Recently, a driver's vehicle became disabled. The man had been driving on a busy highway. If a driver sees a car broken down, the proper thing to do is maneuver into the next lane in case the driver of the disabled vehicle has exited the vehicle to inspect the malfunction. 

Fatal car accidents may increase during holidays

Texas residents are gearing up for the holiday season, and one thing drivers should expect is heavier traffic. This time of year, many people travel to visit friends or family, or make a last minute dash to the store to pick up a forgotten item. Retail stores are busier than ever, and combined with regular local traffic, there may be an increased risk of serious car accidents

Recently, heavy traffic combined with a driver error caused a fatal accident. A Texas driver rear-ended a car. The collision caused the first vehicle to careen into the next lane over, where it was then struck by a big truck. Though a total of three vehicles were involved, the smaller passenger car, carrying two people, seems to have sustained the most damage. 

One horse causes five car accidents

Texas has a fabled history dotted with images of cowboys and horses. The horse helped settlers shape the great state, and even today, the horse remains a beloved part of the culture in the Lone Star State. Unfortunately, caring for horses is a painstaking task, and if a horse owner is careless, people may be in danger. Recently, an escaped horse was the cause of five serious car accidents

On November 4, 2018, drivers on a rural Texas highway had no idea they were headed towards a serious crash. A horse had escaped and was dangerously loose in the middle of the roadway. Though investigators believed the horse had been killed after one or two vehicles struck it, the body of the animal caused several more crashes. 

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