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Texas twin brother both involved in DWI crash

One drunk driver on the road is dangerous enough. Now imagine two at the same time. And what if they are twin brothers?

Two Texas men were arrested recently after crashing into a police vehicle at the scene of a separate accident. Officers say the drivers, who are twins aged 37, failed to react in time at the scene due to being over the legal limit for alcohol.

Distracted driving contributes to Texas car accidents

In Texas and across the country, distracted driving is dangerous. Tasks that may seem easy to do while driving, like checking a text message or checking the weather on the radio, can actually contribute to serious car accidents. An accident currently under investigation serves as a warning to all about the dangers of distracted driving. 

The ordeal began when three young sisters, ranging from sixth grade to a junior in high school, were making their way to a drill team competition. Another child unrelated to the siblings was also in the vehicle. Texas police say the girls' vehicle came to a stop to wait for a break in traffic to make a turn. 

Study shows pedestrian accidents at an all-time high

A new report may give Texas residents a cause for concern. Across the nation, deaths stemming from pedestrian accidents are at an all-time high. Last year, over 6,000 pedestrians were killed in motor vehicle related accidents.

The study digs deeper in an attempt to discover the reason for the sudden spike. One possible cause is distraction. It seems that now more than ever, and despite signs, media campaigns and even laws, people are choosing to use a mobile device while driving or walking. An accident can occur in the blink of an eye, and glancing down to check a message or skip a song can have serious consequences. 

Truck accidents: what can victims do?

Texas drivers know all too well the fear that takes hold when a glance in the rear view reveals impending danger. Being struck from behind by another vehicle is not only traumatic but can also result in serious injuries to victims. Truck accidents can be especially devastating because, when a large tractor trailer strikes a smaller passenger vehicle, the smaller vehicle often doesn't stand a chance.

Recently, two people inside a passenger car were traveling on a Texas interstate. Suddenly, a big rig smashed into the car from behind. Both people inside the car suffered serious injury. Worse, they became trapped in the mangled car and had to wait for rescuers to cut the vehicle apart to extricate them. 

Pedestrian accidents: Drinking and driving to injured on foot

Texas drivers know that drinking and driving is dangerous, because drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol has serious potential to cause harm to themselves and/or others. When a driver repeatedly shirks the rules, even ignoring court-ordered punishments, lives are at risk, and there is an increased risk of car or pedestrian accidents. While some offenders learn a valuable lesson, it seems others do not. 

Reportedly, a Texas man previously convicted of several DUI crimes was yet again drunk behind the wheel. According to reports, the man ran a stop sign, causing him to strike a pedestrian that was using the crosswalk. When police arrived on the scene, they administered sobriety tests, which the driver failed. 

Distracted driving caused 5,500 crashes in Travis County in 2017

Recent data released by the Texas Department of Transportation shows that there was a total of 5,555 crashes involving distracted driving in Travis County in 2017.

The data, collected from Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Reports, shows distracted driving in the county caused:

The correlation between distractions and car accidents

It is not surprising that when people get distracted, they can easily make mistakes. This applies to driving just as much as any other activity. Many of the car accidents that occur here in Texas and elsewhere happen due to a driver becoming distracted by something either inside or outside the vehicle.

You have probably heard or read information regarding the dangers of texting and driving. While this tends to be one of the most dangerous distractions while driving, it is far from being the only thing that can take your attention off the road. Other activities, sights and sounds create distractions as well, and they can have devastating consequences.

Texas car accidents: Investigations may extend beyond the scene

Texas highways can be dangerous, especially when intoxicated drivers are traveling near other motorists. Car accidents related to alcohol consumption often result in life-threatening injuries. Sadly, a recent incident that sent two people, one of whom was a 5-year-old child, to the hospital has been updated in the news, and the news is not good.

The child was a passenger in a vehicle with her aunt and several other people. A witness to the tragic collision later said he saw a man in a red pickup truck driving erratically, moments before the crash occurred. The man allegedly tried to run a red light and crashed into the car carrying the woman, her niece and others.

Pedestrian accidents may warrant civil cases

Texas residents may assume that, if a car strikes a person on foot, the law will protect the victim and ensure that the driver at fault faces consequences for his or her actions. While this is not an unreasonable assumption, it is not always the case. When it comes to pedestrian accidents, criminal courts may not be able to help a victim and his or her family in the quest for justice. 

Several months ago, a Texas mother and her two children were part of a crowd of pedestrians making their way toward the local elementary school. Suddenly, a male driver, whom police later described as "disoriented," hit the gas instead of the brake. He plowed into the mother and children. 

Teens and car accidents: from mischief to murder charges

Texas residents know that teenagers are prone to trouble. Many teens lack the judgement necessary to do adult things, like driving. This is a major reason why teens are not eligible to get a license until they are 16 years of age and have completed proper education courses. Unfortunately, some teens disregard the laws, and when this happens, they can be the cause of serious car accidents

Recently, a 14-year-old boy who had no business driving got behind the wheel of a large SUV. With several teenage friends in tow, the wayward youth decided to drive around town, throwing eggs at other vehicles. One victim became angry and began to follow the vehicle. 

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