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The correlation between distractions and car accidents

It is not surprising that when people get distracted, they can easily make mistakes. This applies to driving just as much as any other activity. Many of the car accidents that occur here in Texas and elsewhere happen due to a driver becoming distracted by something either inside or outside the vehicle.

Texas car accidents: Investigations may extend beyond the scene

Texas highways can be dangerous, especially when intoxicated drivers are traveling near other motorists. Car accidents related to alcohol consumption often result in life-threatening injuries. Sadly, a recent incident that sent two people, one of whom was a 5-year-old child, to the hospital has been updated in the news, and the news is not good.

Teens and car accidents: from mischief to murder charges

Texas residents know that teenagers are prone to trouble. Many teens lack the judgement necessary to do adult things, like driving. This is a major reason why teens are not eligible to get a license until they are 16 years of age and have completed proper education courses. Unfortunately, some teens disregard the laws, and when this happens, they can be the cause of serious car accidents

Car accidents ruin holidays for drivers

Though most parts of Texas rarely see the ice and snow that cripple traffic in other areas of the country, the Lone Star State is not immune to winter weather. Freezing rain and fog can create hazardous conditions. If drivers are not careful, the risk of car accidents dramatically increases. 

Fatal car accidents may increase during holidays

Texas residents are gearing up for the holiday season, and one thing drivers should expect is heavier traffic. This time of year, many people travel to visit friends or family, or make a last minute dash to the store to pick up a forgotten item. Retail stores are busier than ever, and combined with regular local traffic, there may be an increased risk of serious car accidents

One horse causes five car accidents

Texas has a fabled history dotted with images of cowboys and horses. The horse helped settlers shape the great state, and even today, the horse remains a beloved part of the culture in the Lone Star State. Unfortunately, caring for horses is a painstaking task, and if a horse owner is careless, people may be in danger. Recently, an escaped horse was the cause of five serious car accidents

Increase in car accidents prompts state to review speed limits

Obeying the speed limit is usually a good way to stay safe while on the road. Unfortunately, the number of fatal accidents in Texas continues to grow at an alarming rate. Investigations into many of these car accidents has officials wondering if the posted speeds may be too fast for conditions. 

Fatal car accidents can result in criminal charges

Texas drivers may agree that one of their worst fears is being involved in a crash. While many car accidents are unfortunate, there are only minor damages and injuries. Sadly, some car accidents result in serious injury or fatality, and sometimes, a driver involved is found to be at fault and may be charged with a crime. 

Car accidents rob community of benefactors

Sadly, negligent or reckless actions while driving can take the lives of people who are well-loved and contributing members of the community. Not only do fatal car accidents leave a void in the lives of family and friends of the victim, but they may rob citizens of someone who was influential in achieving good on a broader scale. One Texas city is mourning the loss of a public figure who died tragically on a recent Wednesday morning.

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