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Truck accidents: what can victims do?

Texas drivers know all too well the fear that takes hold when a glance in the rear view reveals impending danger. Being struck from behind by another vehicle is not only traumatic but can also result in serious injuries to victims. Truck accidents can be especially devastating because, when a large tractor trailer strikes a smaller passenger vehicle, the smaller vehicle often doesn't stand a chance.

Truck accidents have potential for high casualty numbers

Texas drivers are likely no strangers to driving in close proximity to large trucks. One of the largest states in the nation, highways criss-cross the Lone Star State as part of a nationwide network of shipping routes. Though truck drivers are trained to do their best to avoid crashes, truck accidents often lead to a higher number of serious injury or death, due to the large size of the vehicles involved. 

Truck accidents prone to high casualty rates

Texas drivers may have experienced a scare, or worse, a crash, when driving in close proximity to a much larger vehicle like a semitrailer. The larger the vehicle, the higher the risk of serious injury or death. Truck accidents often cause more damage than crashes involving smaller vehicles. 

Construction adds to danger caused by truck accidents

Texas is one of the most populous states in the nation, so drivers in the state are likely no strangers to heavy traffic conditions as they make their way to their destinations. Even when drivers do their best to be considerate of those around them and are attentive to traffic laws, crashes still occur. One scenario that seems to increase the risk of fatal truck accidents is when there is heavy traffic in a construction zone. 

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